Frequently Asked Questions

What is VETOPS?

An organization providing a searchable database accessible by anyone that provides direction to locate veteran-owned businesses throughout the United States that have at their core their customer’s safety and security.

Who can be a certified VETOPS company?

Any veteran-owned company in the United States.


There are four main points of focus: 

  1. Promote veteran-owned businesses nationwide
  2. Put newly released veterans in touch with the many resources available to them
  3. Make local communities safer
  4. Increase membership in the American Legion and VFW, thereby protecting veteran benefits by strengthening our influence in congress.

What makes a VETOPS member company safer than any other company?

Veterans have been trained to be aware of their surroundings at all times.  They also have a sharper sense that can pick up on something that is out of the ordinary quicker than your average civilian. Combine that with the generally higher level of patriotism that a vet holds and you will find that you are in a great environment all around.  Being a certified VETOPS company does not necessarily mean that there are weapons on the premise – it simply speaks to the mindset of the owner and the culture of safety throughout the business.

What are the benefits to being a part of the American Legion and VFW?

These organizations act as an outreach to veterans, young and old, where they can be with fellow military personnel that have experienced many of the same things they have.  They are also a convenient and friendly guide to the many resources that are available to veterans, without which, many veterans will never know about. Newer veterans know that they are not alone and their fellow vets welcome them.  Through these associations new vets bring fresh ideas, memberships, and long term relationships, benefiting themselves and the entire network of veterans.

What are some other benefits?

Businesses let it be known that they are veteran owned. They also have trained, responsible individuals who are committed to making their establishments, as well as their communities, a safer space for everyone. 


Homeowners may identify their homes as veteran owned homes, raising their profile to not only neighbors, but to potential threats to their community.

What’s the point of joining VETOPS?

You will be joining a unique group of veteran business owners all around the country that are interested in providing a safer space for their patrons.  You will be included in an online searchable database that visiting potential customers can access from their home prior to traveling to an area, in search of businesses to go to while in that area.

What documentation is accepted?

Any official document provided to you by the government or a photo of your membership card that proves your veteran status, ownership in the company and/or proof of membership in the American Legion or VFW (for the annual discounted membership).

Does the logo in the window mean the business is actively protected by someone with a gun at all times?

Not necessarily.  It all starts with a mindset.  The veteran owner is saying to everyone entering that his customers’ safety is his number one priority and if you are looking for trouble, you better keep moving along.  The method of protection will vary from business to business, but again, it is first and foremost a frame of mind.

Where does all the money go?

Money that is generated over and above our costs of doing business will be channeled to various organizations that benefit veterans.  This will be an ever-changing list of beneficiaries based on need.

What is a searchable database?

A database accessible from any computer or mobile device where visitors can find VETOPS businesses anywhere in the country

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