A Directory For Finding Veteran Protected Spaces

Allowing individuals and families to find local businesses that are
owned and protected by military veterans, providing you a safer space.

What Is Vetops?

VETOPS is a beacon of light piercing the darkness to show you the way to a protected space. It allows individuals and families to find local businesses that are owned AND PROTECTED by military veterans, giving you a great sense of comfort and security knowing that the owner of the space has your safety as their number one priority.
These spaces, where the law allows, encourages responsible concealed and/or open carry by its patrons. The primary intent is to provide a searchable database for people to use, either locally or while traveling the country, to find businesses which will provide a reasonable assurance that you will be safe while visiting that city.

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VETOPS Protects

vetops provides you added secuirty for you and your family

Your Family

Out with the family?  Search for local businesses such as restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail shops.

Traveling For Work

Find things to do in the city where you will be staying, while supporting Veteran owned businesses.

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Your Community

Become aware of the places in your local community where you will feel safe.  Your day-to-day life can feel much more secure. 

Interested in Listing Your Business?